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VP Fever!

I admit it, I’m totally sucked in to the media shit-storm around the VP selection. I keep hearing rumors that Obama is going to announce his pick Wednesday morning, Saturday afternoon, the day before the convention> I want to know! Eeesh! And I really hope it isn’t Milquetoast Bayh. That conservative dickcheese would really earn my ire if he were on the ticket. Really, Obama would have to come out with a deep seated affection for National Socialism, or a hobby of kitten torture to lose my vote at this point. And I wouldn’t even vote for McCain if Obama was revealed to be a Sharia-touting baby-raper, simply because McCain’s policies on choice and gay rights are deal-breakers for me

So, I’m voting for Obama and his choice of VP is immaterial. But in a perfect world, who would be my choice?

Kathleen Sebelius.

Seriously, I know she’s been under the radar until all the VP hoopla got started, but she’s got a lot going for her. She’s the governor of a Republican state (Kansas), she can help heal the rift with Clinton supporters due to her ovaries, and she’s not enough of a shining star to diminish Obama’s glory. Obama needs a solid backer who won’t draw too much fire and attention, and Sebelius can provide the bump of an outrageous candidate (XX chromosome) without the baggage. Granted I wish she had some foreign policy cred, but she is a two-term governor with a (metaphorical) hard-on for public education, health care, the environment and balanced budgets*. We’re going to need that kind of leadership to put this country back together after the disaster of the last eight years. Our focus needs to be on getting out of Iraq and rebuilding America, and I think this Heartland governor would be an ideal partner to Obama to get us back on track

Oh, and I reckon McCain’ll pick Lieberman. I hope he does, it’ll lose him the evangelical vote and, should the unthinkable happen, give us a pro-choice president when McCain’s elderly ticker gives out.

*See Sebelius’ website


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